Odor Elimination

Odor elimination is the removal or mitigations of unpleasant or irritating odors. Unpleasant odors, which can be labeled as musty, stale and dirty can permeate the home and its furnishings.

Sources of Odor
Often the prime culprits of offensive odors are due to pet, human cause, tobacco, cooking and foods, spoilage and trash, and organic decay.

Tests for Odor
If the cause of the odor is not easily identified, an Extra Mile Floor Care Expert can preform an on-site air-sampling test.

Odor Elimination Treatment
Extra Mile Floor Care Experts will evaluate your odor issue and select the best method for elimination.

Methods include:
•  Encapsulant Deodorizer
•  Enzymes
•  Commercial Air Purifier (Orek)
•  Vapor Diffuser (canister, natural oils)
•  Ozone Machines
•  Odor Cleanse (HEPA filters)
•  Thermal Fog
•  ULV Atomizer (mist)
• Thermal Fogger