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Pre-Visit Preparation

Prior to your Extra Mile Carpet Cleaning service appointment, you may wish to do some preliminary preparations in anticipation of your job.

Your attention to service day preparation will help to:

  • Optimize the care and attention of your job.
  • Ensure a quick start of the job.
  • Allow a few moments with DJ or his crew to explain the plan for working through your job, give you tips for care in the future and share secrets for longer-lasting maintenance between visits.
  • Allow DJ or his crew to become familiar with certain aspects of the home and household (layout of floor plan, electrical sources, pet area, infant area, plus available water sources and utility sink and room, allergies of occupants, ventilation possibilities and more).
  • Identify the occupants or pets who will be in the home during your job (and their special needs if applicable—such as a senior who may wish to remove their hearing aids or a pet which is skittish or afraid of sudden movement or noise).
  • Ensure greater speed of your job to satisfactory completion.
  • Finally, your reward for such planning and preparation will allow quicker return to normal activity within your home, office or business.

Please view our pre-visit checklist below to ensure your appointment runs smoothly.

Pre-Visit Checklist

Checklist For Inside Home and All Locations

  • Remove or reduce clutter and furnishings.
  • Floors: Remove small rugs, mats, floor lamps, statues, small standing art objects, standing flower arrangements, waste baskets.
  • Small Furniture: Remove ottomans, rocking chairs, occasional chairs, office chairs, small tables, nestled tables, coffee tables, small toy chest, juvenile furniture.

Checklist For Home Garage

  • Temporarily remove vehicle(s) or other obstructions from inside garage to allow the crew to run water and power hoses into the house or office.
  • If applicable, remove parked vehicles from the driveway to allow crew to back up our service truck and set up equipment and hoses.

Checklist For Indoors

  • Be prepared to open doors and windows for proper ventilation, to aid in the drying of your floors and to release unwanted product smell. (By request you may have a pleasing scent added to product.)
  • Ask for the best place to leave small items for easy-reach and quick access (cell phones, keys, medications, water bottles, snacks) during the application of product.
  • Open plantation shutters, drapes, and window coverings to allow full daylight into the room. Some ceiling to floor drapery may be loosely knotted at the bottom to provide floor clearance for cleaning equipment along baseboards.
  • Turn on the lights, especially overhead in every room to be serviced.

Checklist For Tile and Counter tops to be Cleaned

  • Remove Clutter (towels, decorations, soap dishes, small mirrors)
  • Unplug and remove small electrics (toothbrush, clock radio, shaver)
  • Leave surface completely empty and bowl and sinks drained.

Checklist For Upholstery to be Cleaned and/or Treated

  • Remove coverings, loose decorator pillows, throws.
  • Check around cushions for lost valuables, coins and small items.

Checklist For Antiques and Special Property

  • Remove all clutter from surfaces
  • Clear area around special piece for easy reach by crew

Checklist For Small Area Rugs and Runners

  • From throughout the home, collect these special-request items to be treated.
  • Group or stack similar sizes on a flat surface outdoors (patio is ideal).
  • Ensure sufficient flat space for technician to remove items from stack for individual treatment and separation for drying.
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